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First of all I'm so sorry you're feeling isolated. It's hard right now. Please reach out if you want someone to talk to.

I think you have the beginning of a good devotion here.

What if you started it in a story format - maybe relive the car accident - then move into what's happening now and the hopes/fears about Christmas.

Also a bible verse would really help the impact

Blessings and Gratitude
I know being away from our regular gatherings are hard. At least your church can meet. My state has banned indoor church services.

God is still with you, but like I've read tonight, the feeling of His presence is a mindset. Don't give up on Him--hold on to His anchoring lifeline.
Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in how you feel. Pick out two or three comforting Bible verses and memorize them. “He will never leave you....” Heb. 13:5. Reach out to someone that you can talk to.