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It's interesting how colors create feelings. By the way, this entry would have been so much easier for me to read had you put white space between paragraphs. You can do that when you preview your work prior to clicking on the submit entry box. Place your cursor after the last word of each paragraph and press enter on your keyboard.

Then you will drop down a line like this.
I enjoyed reading your article; it seems you did your research. I agree with the spacing in between new paragraphs. Thank you.
An interesting meditation.
Color does affect us in so many ways. I feel so sorry for those that are color blind.
I liked your creative take on the meaning of colors. Some I hadn't thought of before regarding personality traits.
Keep writing!
Cleverly written and creative. Thank you for this. I do agree it will be easier to read if you could make space between the paragraphs.

I have noticed that sometimes when I have copy and pasted, that for some reason it comes out on the faith writer page with no spaces, so always check and correct it before you submit. If that is what happened here it is an easy fix.

I enjoyed your piece. Keep writing!
I like how you show some of the colors having more than one meaning. I definitely agree with that. Many see red as anger, but it could also be passion. Green could mean hope, life, and jealousy. God designs us all in an unique and special way. Congratulations on ranking 6th in your level. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.