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Be encouraged, God will make a way for you. Dealing with disappointments can be hard, but He will always come through for us.
Your write-up could have been a better read for an audience, if your thoughts flowed more into one another as you penned this down. You could use more of 'showing', rather than 'telling' us what happened from top to bottom. For example, the lines in the phone conversation.
Keep writing; and remember, God is for us!
Another thing I picked out was that I couldn't link it to the topic.
May you be encouraged knowing that you are not alone in your frustration during this time. I would suggest having someone read your articles before turning them in. There were several places that seemed to have the word ‘a’ missing, and a place where ‘to’ would have made the wording flow better. Keep writing!
I felt fatigued for you with all these opening and closing doors!
Keep writing. Prayer and practise makes perfect. Thank you.
First, I would like to encourage you that the door that the Lord opens no man can shut and the one that He shuts no man can open. So claim that promise and the Lord will definitely help you in your job search. You tried to add a little color while starting but then it was more about doors.Always ask someone to proofread your article before you post so the grammatical errors would not be there. Good try. Keep writing. Practice makes perfect.
I agree with the above comments but don't stop writing. Get a mentor and someone to help you check your writing. You poured your heart out and you want your readers to understand what you have written and felt. Keep writing!
As I read this I could not help but think of how many stories like yours are being lived out in these days of uncertainty. That is what I want my writing to do. I want people to understand my plight and realize it may be the plight of many others. You did that in this. It is important to not have so many sentences start with "I". Ask me how I know that? It's very easy to do. Try using other ways to start a sentence but still say the same thing.