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It is true. The devil is working overtime to foul things up for Mankind. In fact, he began his sinful ways...In High Places! (heaven) Nice story and well written.
Interesting story. Sounds like the beginning of a Sci Fi with a Christian slant. Run with it.
Enjoyed it. Kept my attention all the way when do we get to buy the book?
cool take on the topic - I figured we would get a lot of 'outer space' entries this week, and even though yours was, it was different enough not to be boring - well done
Oooh, I like this! Great dialog, great take on the topic, great suspense, great character devolopment.
This kept my attention all the way through! I really enjoyed it--great job!
Hey, I do believe I could get into sci-fi with you writing it! :) I want to hear more of this story! Great job!!
Very cool! I loved how you combined Christianity with science "fiction" isn't done very often but you pulled it off. Good job!!
Me too! I'd like to know more! This was a great read and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Great job!
I enjoyed this too. Maybe if you expand it, you could take us into his dreams at the beginning. That could make an interesting 1st chapter!
Ooooh ... goosebump reading! Well done! I agree ... this needs expanding.
Very creative and enjoyable but I want more! Well done.
Wow, intriguing. Wish I knew what he was dreaming. I like how you showed that the angels were there too, not just the enemy. Great job.
Ooooh! I liked this! Well-written, Shari! gave me goosebumps at the end "We pray."
06/15/06! Very interesting! Reading this makes me even more excited about your Novel Challenge project. ^_^
Great characterization and description. I felt pulled in completely. Thanks for pointing me this way!
Neat, Shari! I'm not usually into anything remotely scifi, but you had me hooked! :-) I loved how you tied in the spiritual warfare--too true! :-)
I agree with the above, my guess is it's hard to attempt Christian and Sci-Fi much rather pull it off. You did a great job doing so. The last line was powerful.
From beginning to end, I was hooked. I loved this.
Wow. This was really great! I liked how you managed to create a space feel in the 750 words and not lose me in the whole scheme of things. I really liked Phil, he was funny, especially how close everyone was on the ships that warrented a bit of word getting around before he was ready to give notice of his dreams. Really fun reading! ^_^