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This is great writing. You showed us what it was like. Seems like it’s true. My heart goes out to you. Keep it up.
Awww, I had tears for this story. How sad for you. Well done and I hope this places.
Great job! I like the way you intermingled narration and dialog. What a loving daughter you were to be there for your Dad and understand what he was going through. You have also helped us realize what it might be like some day in our future. God bless!
Well written, thank you.
This is a heartbreaking piece in one way, but in another it's a beautiful love story. You do a fine job of taking the reader back to this place and the emotions are palpable.

A few minor things to remember: When a different person speaks, always start a new paragraph. When using Daddy as a name, start with a capital letter, but if a common noun, then a lowercase. For example: My daddy was a strong man. I love you, Daddy.

Alzheimer's is a horrible way to lose a parent, but one thing I rejoiced in this retelling was how Daddy was excited about going to church. Jesus must have been strongly etched in his heart to have such positive memories of church. If I had to relive one part of my life, I hope God is as essential to me as he seemed to be to your MC. That's a great message. Good job.