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Good story. Is there more?
This is some good descriptive writing. But the story seems unfinished and I don't see any connection with the music topic??
The reference to music is the balalaikas and accordians in Arbat Street.
You, my friend, are a fine writer, and your piece reads as perfect as anything published. However, your story doesn't relate much to the theme of "music." And your ending leaves the reader wondering what happened. In short, you didn't tie things up. You neglected to give the reader a clincher. Other than that, you are a writer who wrote a read that just lacks a proper ending. But a writer you are, indeed!
This was very interesting, yet I felt let down. What happened here? Who is the person she loves at the end? You must tell more! To me, it was week on the topic. I learned that the topic word or phrase must be central to the story. A passing mention does not qualify in this challenge. Keep up the great work, you will be promoting to the next level before you know it!
A compelling piece which had my interest from start to the very end. I kind of like "open endings" it allows for the reader to decide what happens!

Keep writing, you have a unique way with words.

Well done,
You have a wonderful way of writing.
I would have liked to have heard more about the music, the musicians, a little perhaps about the instruments, and the effect it had on you and perhaps others.
Just that line brought back memories of a group from Hungary I heard in Geneva, Switzerland playing on the street, who played some similar instruments. It was a joy to listen to them!