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Wow...that was a unique take on the subject, and well written.
Great job!

You give such vivid imagery!
A very unique take on the topic! Well done!
Hi. I thought the story line was interesting and I would love to read the full length version. If I am to be helpful, I would say that a smattering of flowery adjectives make the read interesting but too many can be a distraction. That being said...good job. Keep writing.

I'm sorry to say, I understood only parts and then I would get lost in the story. What I understood was very engaging. Please continue to write putting those emotions of yours out there.You have the talent to be great, harness your thoughts. This is challenging for me also.
Okay. So, I read the original work by Poe and then reread this and it made a huge difference. I do feel like your continuation flowed well, much in the style of the original. Makes more sense now. I am excited to read more from you.
I really liked you use of adjectives and imagery.

Do have to admit I got a little loss in the story. But, it could just be me.

Again, maybe I'm clueless, but I missed the clown reference.

You have great potential for writing. And, as we are all here to learn, with a little more tightening and focus you are well on your way!

Looking forward to reading more from you.

Be blessed and encouraged.
This story makes more sense if you read 'The Cask of Amontillado' first: