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Great job with the topic, and wonderful job with interspersing the Biblical story of Job with yourself and your prayers for your grandchildren.

I loved how you spoke to your audience offering them an opportunity for spiritual growth and to explore the "Old Testament" ---- I agree, just for your edification. I think to know the whole story, we need to read the entire Bible.

Anyhow, great job, great word, and thanks for sharing.

You really covered a lot of topics and territory here! Something I'm learning about for the challenges is to cut out EVERYTHING that does not move along the purpose of your story. Sometimes that is painful, for I think I've written something really good, but then I realize it has nothing to do with the main point. It's obvious you are well-read in the Bible, and you want to share your heart on matters. Keep it up the good work, and consider trimming off the fat.
Good reminder of how we are in a constant war for our souls.

Be careful of punctuation, capitalization, and pronouns.
(E.g), there/their; Satan/Satan.

Over all, good article.
Lots of great information here! I, too, love the OT as much as the NT.
Some of your paragraphs could have been divided to give the reader a bit of breathing room, especially when you switch subjects.
Great job!