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Wow- this really touched my heart! I'd not ever heard the term of beachhead, and it really made sense. Thanks for this reminder to not let the enemy enter into my weak areas.
Great comparison and developmental progression of your thoughts.

Lots of encouraging and challenging application here.
wow. I am encouraged and blessed to have read your story. It's amazingly accurate and grounded in Scripture. To use our spiritual life as example of a beachhead against the devil is very creative.
Red ink: I think the word "in" was left out of the first sentence; fun "in" the sun. Also in the sentence; "Eph.4:27 speak of a similar scenario..." may read more smoothly with an "s" on the word speak. The plurality or singularity of words after some of the other Scripture references may need to be reconsidered.
Overall, this is and amazing testament of God's provision for His people to have victory over our common enemy; Satan. This story would make a great sermon. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading lots more from you.
Live blessed!
An intriguing use of "beachhead."