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Parents forget their children. The parent-child reality remains.
• Spouses forget their vows. The marriage reality remains.
• Treasured times are forgotten. The real-word happening remains.
• The soul forgets the values underlying its choices. The life lived remains.


I love this entry. Thank you for writing something so thought-provoking.
Great hook with that first paragraph. Good descriptors of all that dementia steals.
On topic and makes a person think. I especially liked the bullet points and the lovely ending. Keep writing.
Power piece and so thought-provoking. Well done!
This is truly an amazingly moving and intensely deep piece!

You have written about the topic through a phenomenally descriptive and poetically haunting entry pertaining to dementia. Wow!

I only can pray that the judges will be placing this as a winner!

Having worked for years in a nursing home with patients having dementia, you have managed to touch my heart and make me cry with the beauty of your piece.

Well done!

Oh, and I cannot imagine why you're still at this level?

Thanks again for your outstanding entry!

As a 24/7 carer for my husband with dementia I really relate to this excellently written and so on topic piece. Thank you and well done. Blessings in your growing knowledge and relationship.
Thank you so much for the kind, kind comments. I've been a member for years but haven't participated in the challenges that I can recall. I'm blown away by your encouragement. Thank you again. What a joy to have touched those who walk in the dark valley of dementia. God Bless. Billie Jo
Congratulations! This was so good. I relate because my mom is in a nursing home. We struggle daily to remind her of the past and so much has been lost!
Congrats on your amazingly touching story,
Congratulations on ranking 2nd in your level and 17th overall. The highest rankings can be found on the message boards.