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I loved from beginning to end, well written and held my interest.
Thanks for sharing this encouraging word. I've read the back of the book too, and I'm so glad God and His kids win! Perhaps a personal experience would have been good to help the reader connect to this story.
I loved your title! This was an enjoyable read- well done!
Great job with this in content and delivery. Well done.
I loved your beginning. You painted a brilliant picture with your words. I did get lost in the middle though. You need to transition a bit more smoothly. You quickly jumped from John to Jesus and I had to stop, reread, and regroup before I understood. I believe you're making the same mistakes I made when I first started entering the challenge. I put too much in one story. You have three or four stories here. Instead, it might be better to save the other verses and examples for another piece (especially if you have a tight word limit). That can be hard to do, especially if they are all connected in your mind. You've a great message here and have done a fine job of using the Bible to support what you've learned. I can feel your passion and desire to spread Jesus' word. I also like how you went full-circle with the article.