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I don’t really feel qualified to critique yet, I just know I truly enjoyed reading this. I first raced through it because I couldn’t wait for the next sentence to see how things turned out in the end. Then back to reading it over again to fully enjoy your writing. Well done! Loved the message!
Amazing testimony! I've seen a purpose for a lot of my "pain" and its use to help others. Hopefully, we will understand what purpose for all of our pain.
I loved the transparency of your story. I am reminded of the scripture, "He gives beauty for ashes."

There were a few grammar and spelling issues. There is no period after Miss.

You used it's for its, and ethic instead of ethnic. You rhusband 'led' you not 'lead' and it is whose, not who's.

Lastly, in the sentence, "...going to fail." remove the comma and move the period inside the inverted commas.
Congrats on your 1st place win! Keep up the good work.