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So sorry (if this is a true story)! Not a surprise we want, but it happens so often. We feel it so much more when it happens with Christians. Clear presentation and great scripture.
So she was going to make you pay the $100 if you didn't order! I hope you didn't.
Not a surprise we want. Thanks for sharing the warning.
So sad that this happened! At least you got a free facial out of the deal? :P I feel like the world of business is a tricky one to operate in from a Christian perspective. On the one hand, you desire to minister to others. On the other hand, you want to charge and get paid fairly. A good reminder to keep Christ first in our dealings with others.
Good companion story for a valuable message about greed and misplaced values.
Wow! That was hardly a friend, so sorry about this. But, it does happen, as you have experienced first hand.

Brings to mind, "beware of those bearing free gifts"

Thank you for the message and Bible reference.

Well done,

What a terrible thing to do! You told the story and showed all the emotions of the MC. Well done!
I was glad to not heard any reprisals mentioned.

Your good example may not have had any effect but a good response would have been up to her.