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Thought-provoking questions. I'm reminded of one of my favorite sci-fi series, Crusade. During the pilot episode, a supporting character asked the main character: "What do you want? Where are you going? Who do you serve, and who do you trust?" As you pointed out, we can serve and trust Jesus!
There are some thought-provoking perspectives here. I admit I had a little trouble following your train of thought. It felt a little disconnected to me, although I think I can find the connections. I could see something like this expanded into chapters about being on that quest for Jesus.
I like your imagery on a child and the beach, since I love the beach! I was confused as to why she was frustrated carrying stuff when all she wanted to do was get into the water. Why was she carrying stuff?

Your opening question/ response did not seem to fit with a frustrated child. To me, it would have been better to start out with the imagery of trying to get to the water, but her family made her help carry the towels and beach toys, which she kept dropping in her eagerness to reach to water. You are on the right track- just keep at it!
All the bones are here for an effective devotional. Just a bit more editing to catch verb shifts and a wee bit more organization of your incredibly insightful thoughts.