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Interesting variation of the story of Esther. I did think it weak on topic, as you did say this was an diary entry, but it was not the focus of your story. I was confused with the line " And no, I didn’t sleep over at my friend’s house but in the house of a man being groomed to become a prospective wife." It sounded like the man was being groomed to be a wife and I wondered what kind of story was this going to be! I think this could be developed into another story, with a different challenge topic. Keep on writing!
I really like your idea of writing a diary entry from the point of view of a character in the Bible. You gave an interesting insight into how she might have felt in the position she found herself in. For me, I would have preferred the writing to be a bit more formal but I loved the made me smile
I really liked the message of this entry. As a single person, it is hard to remember to focus on being who God created me to be, and to put my role in a relationship above finding a relationship. Great reminder. Thanks.

There were a few sentences that I had to read a few times because of missed words, but overall, this was well written.
Interesting take on this Bible story. More than a're right...she wasn't called to be a wife but she was called to save a nation. Thanks for sharing.