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I so understand- I do the same thing with trying to lose weight! Why do I keep over-eating, being lazy, etc. This was an interesting devotional. For me, it seemed a bit too informal- like you were talking to teenagers for this competition. Perhaps if you had fewer cliches and slang terms, it would read better. Also, you do not need to include the number at each verse. ( That adds to your word count) Just include the verses in your main citation. I like how you drew in your incomplete journaling to the main issue of doing all things through Christ. I need to remember that next time I want that extra serving of food.
I like the way you pulled the whole writing together in your last line and you are right it is simple we can do all things in His strength but we have to be prepared to let go of self. You illustrated really clearly some of the obstacles we all struggle to overcome. I think it’s all about discipline and it takes discipline to write so keep on going you are doing a good job.
I can relate to the inconsistency of keeping a journal or diary. And that the same principal can be applied to other areas of life.

The numbers of the verses are distracting. When you copy and paste verses, go through and delete them and then change the reference to include all the verses quoted. This will look better and be easier to read.

Thanks for the reminder that we can't do any discipline on our own strength. Great concluding paragraph.
You're so right. We aren't as consistent as we could be in jounraling even though it's highly beneficial. Lots to think about. I like how you incorporated the word of God into it too. Good job.