The Official Writing Challenge
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Sounds like you've had a hard life- I'm so sorry. Keeping a diary can help remind you of how God carried you through those painful times. A spiritual journal is a good thing to keep and is helpful in the journey. Some red ink- I did see some typos. When I first started here, I learned to read my entry backwards, because then I was able to catch the typos, extra words and spacing problems. It is tedious, but really worth it! Also, Bible should be capitalized. I'm glad you are an overcomer with God's help!
God allows us to go through tough things so that we can turn around and help someone through similar circumstance. You can find great satisfaction in being an advocate for others. I hope you can find a way to do that. God bless and keep writing. I
Life can be difficult and it’s good that you can write about it. It’s also good that you spoke to your neighbour and said that there were no bad feelings anymore and that it’s Jesus in you that made it possible for you to forgive her. I love the last line as it is such a positive response to your troubles. I would encourage you to keep writing as you have a good testimony to share.
God never wastes a hurt. This entry is just the beginning of how He will use your testimony to encourage others as they go through similar trials. Keep writing.
One thing I've learned - in the good and the bad - I can chose see God's hand at work. I was reminded of this while reading your story. Ditto what Barbara said about polishing your story. Keep writing. Thank you for sharing.