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A good mystery always gets my attention. I know with the word limit you couldn't tell everything, but you did leave me wanting more! And, that's always a good thing! A little editing (one paragraph seemed out of place and distracting, but could be worked into the narrative) and you have the makings for an expanded story I'd enjoy reading. Good job!
I enjoyed reading this very much. It flowed and kept me engaged. The secret room was intriguing to me, because I cared for a lady once who had a secret room that her husband built for her off of her bedroom. Her children never knew about it till they were grown. Making the relationship between her secret diaries to God's Word, an open diary was brilliant.
A very compelling story! for me, I'm confused and not understanding what the secret room is supposed to be. And what was there to put together and why? I want more from your amazing story!
There are so many areas where this could be expanded. I want the full story! How old was she when her grandma took her in? Why did grandma have a secret room? Was this her prayer closet? You have me intrigued!

I absolutely love the connection between the diary and God's Word as His Diary.
Ooooh. A secret room. Intriguing. I enjoyed the story although it left some unanswered questions with the limited amount of words you were given. Keep writing.