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Interesting take on the Biblical story. Your title gave away what it was about.
So much good here - good word pictures, good storytelling. Good movement in the story. I'm sure you see the spelling and punctuation mistakes (host's instead of hosts - had me confused for a brief moment LOL) My red ink is you left the topic a bit too late to be woven into the story - how you did initially is wonderful! The same idea could have been applied earlier to Peter's life - to the host's house (sowing hospitality...) And - maybe we're related - LOL but the end was rushed (I understand!) and using the topic as the conclusion doesn't really work.
But you hooked me right at the beginning and kept me to the end. Blessings
A creative description with realism. Here are some gramatical heads up. Consider stricter editing of your writing. I hope these comments help. Keep writing!

He could tell from their faces that they{were - missing verb} unwilling to reveal the urgent request before his host

Upon arrival Peter was led to the upper chamber. Tabitha lay dead on the bed. The widows {who - not needed} she had helped wept and wailed as they showed Peter the clothes that she had made.

They tagged {should be tugged} at his robe questioning now {should be -- -how} a person this generous could be taken from them.
Minus a few grammar errors and maybe light on the topic, your writing skills are strong. You are quite capable of putting together an interesting and enjoyable story. Your words have clarity and I can see it taking place as I read. (Not to mention, I love creative biblical story-telling.) Keep writing.