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Your grasp of theology was amazing. It really made me think. If you worked on rewriting some parts of this, you would be onto a winner.
I'm so glad we don't reap what we sow! Thanks to Jesus! I did find it a bit hard to follow the story, and the different characters, but the message was loud and clear!
A great devotional. You could have skipped the whole first part and started with you in the garden with your aunt. Blessings
Interesting take on the topic. Lots to think about. I'm thankful that, because of God's grace and mercy, we don't get what we deserve. Good job. I would like to encourage you to write "tighter." Once I'm done writing a devotion, I'll challenge myself to eliminate 30-50 words. It usually makes for a smoother read. Keep writing.
Good material here but it took a couple of readings to get it all sorted. Time restraints do prevent strong editing but it is necessary to cut out some of the side issues to tighten your text. Well done though, you have the knowledge. I look forward to reading more.