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When I was a teenager, I planted tulip bulbs. After a long wait, I dug them up to see why they did not sprout. Apparently, I had planted them upside down. I've never had luck growing things! I liked your devotional on starting over when seeds not functional.
Great bones of a fantastic devotional here. To really grab us at the first sentence - and keep us with you throughout the journey to the awesome message- try storytelingl instead of just telling. For example - Describe going to the garden anticipating seeing the little plants...what do you see, hear, touch, taste, feel?
"Garbage in, garbage out." I've said that to my own children and grandchildren. Lots of good thoughts straight from the Word of God and your heart. I would encourage you to watch your verbs tenses...some were past tense, some present tense. Good job. Keep writing.
Actually, now that I reread're okay with the verbs.
I enjoyed this - you made some good points and gave food for thought. Well done. Keep writing.