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What a sweet story! I would like to see more action, or showing the story, rather than just telling it. Was this a true story?
You have a great foundation here. I really enjoyed the part about Celia praying Grandma could see beautiful roses one more time.
Unfortunately, you have too much back story. I found myself scratching my head from time to time. You didn't have the word space to develop Shelley and Matthew. You included parts that would make a great novel, but might be too many details for a 750-word story.
With that said, the challenge is the perfect place for you to hone your talent. It's not easy to write a story in under 750 words. It taught me how to tighten my sentences and to leave out parts that aren't vital to the story. I feel like you have three or four stories packed into one. Each part (Cecilia coming to live with Grandma, Grandma dying, the part about Shelley, the part about a mean husband) could all stand on their own or be chapters in a novel. Also, you use pronouns a lot, which can be confusing. In the beginning, I wasn't sure who was remembering Celcia or Grandma. By cutting out certain parts, using names a instead of pronouns where it might be unclear are all things that will become easier with practice. I'd like to challenge you to read and comment on every story in your level and at least three stories each in the other levels. By doing this, you'll find what works for you and be able to do similar things with your own writing. I think the part where Celia knew what to do for Grandma's last days is great. You show a couple of conflicts right away (Grandma dying, the lack of rain, wanting to do something special, but needing help), which are fantastic conflicts that pull the reader in, eager to see the resolutions. I think there are some great messages in this part too. If you ever decide you want to tackle rewriting that part, I'd be delighted to help you. You have a great start and a powerful message. I'm eager to read more of your writing.
This touched my heart...a beautiful story.
Thank you.
I'm so glad Grandma got an extra year after waking. It could be my tired brain, but I did get a bit confused towards the beginning when you introduced Shelly. Perhaps if when mentioning Grandma's sister in the preceding paragraph, insert Shelly's name there?

This story does sound a bit familiar to me in that my own grandma and her sister lived very different lives. However, this was not because of who they married, but because of their father who loved them differently. One was doted upon while the other treated like a street urchin. The princess felt so guilty over this that she threw away her pretty clothes and opted for less to compensate the remainder of her days after their father passed.

I could so relate to this. In the end, it is a joy to see one experience God's smile shine upon them.

Good work.

God bless.