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Welcome to the Writing Challenge. I encourage you to a think through what particular point you want to make regarding a topic. Then try to give a creative hint to that point in your opening and last sentence. Anyway, that’s the fun part. Explore this site. There are lots of helpful writing lessons. I hope you enjoy continuing with the weekly challenge.
This is a succinct essay on youth. You've done a nice job of recalling some memories. I could easily picture that cat in the bike basket. I used to do that too. I can't tell you how many cats "followed" me home. Now that you have those memories captured, take it a step farther. Why do you remember that cat? Perhaps it taught you about empathy or planted a seed of animal humanity. Most experts will say write out numbers up to ten, and many say up to a hundred, but all will say be consistent. You've done a great job of writing on topic. I'd love to challenge you to read and comment on every entry in this level and at least three on each of the other levels. My writing improved so much by understanding what I liked or didn't like in other entries. For example, I discovered I wasn't a fan of the mysterious stranger or it was only a dream ending, yet that dude had appeared in my earlier stories waking people from dreams. ;) Now I find other ways to end my stories. I also discovered I thoroughly enjoyed a great twist. Sometimes I put too much of a twist in my stories, but I've grown so much by leaving feedback on other entries.

You've a wonderful foundation here. I hope you will keep writing and reading. It's amazing how God can take our simple words and turn them into something spectacular. Good job.
Thank you for sharing with us, I enjoyed your entry.
Keep writing and expressing your heart...I look forward to reading more of your entries.
I have read this through a few times and each time saw something different in it that I enjoyed reading about. I liked the fact that at high school you mentioned being excited but also scared. I would have liked to have been able to read more about this and for you to give more detail on your emotions. I also think more descriptive language would add to your piece. Well done on your entry. I hope you continue to express yourself through writing. Blessings.
Interesting memories. I'm confused, however, as your title is of the teenage years, but half of your essay is of childhood years. Perhaps focus on the main area of the teen years, but you can bring out how the earlier years contributed to the teenage period.
You have clear writing style that's easy to follow; and you've opened up some great memories here. With the space left over, you could develop two - or perhaps three - of them in more detail to draw us into them with you.