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Great points and solid message in this entry. I enjoyed all the Biblical passages and references you mentioned.

Well done,
Your opening questions really drew me in as they are things many of us can relate.

The title being in all capitals is a little distracting.

Some of the thoughts felt disconnected and could use a connector phrase or sentence. I liked the one that states, "I say this..."

Overall, very well written and a very good message.
We are indeed blessed because of God's mercy and grace. Nice message.
You make some great points in this Bible study. I think the verses you picked matched your message nicely. Make sure you put Bible verses that are quoted word for word in quotation marks. When quoting dialog, the first letter in the quote is almost always a capital letter. Lastly, I'd urge you to not use so many exclamation points. Instead let your words do the exclaiming for you. I can feel your passion to spread the news of Jesus' love to as many people as possible. I'm sure the Holy Spirit will use your words in ways you might not ever expect. You did a nice job of writing on topic. You definitely give the reader things to think about too. Good job.
Preach it! You really were on topic!