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I was so pulled in by your title, and was with you all the way in this well written piece. Thank you,
Love it! Love the idea of God Hunt Sightings! Nicely done.
I love the title- I remember going on a "snipe hunt" as a teenager, but found out that it was not real. Thankfully, God is! I enjoyed the dialogue- very realistic!
The blessing of a community of believers. You show how easily one's focus can shift in the right environment. Well done.
From the unique title to the end of the story, I was with you--thinking of the many God hunts I'd made. Good job!
What a great point here. Yes, if we focus on looking for the blessings, we can find them. Well done.
I like how you demonstrated the conflict right away. It pulled me in immediately. I'd urge you to use the friend's name sooner and use more body language so the reader gets a better sense of who she is, as well as using contractions to make dialog more authentic. For example, I might edit it like this: "I'm so mad at Jim right now.” My friend, Regina gritted her teeth and balled up her fists as we lamented over the news that our husbands' business plans had been changed. "I know it's not Jim's fault that he's stuck in Sweden for an extra night, but still, I miss him. He's been gone two weeks..."
That's not perfect of course, but just a way to show what I mean. I really like the God Hunt part. I think it's a great attitude and a good thing to do. I often call things like that God's love notes, so I can really relate to it and know how important it is to look for those blessings. You did a great job of writing on topic. You also have a clear Christian message that pretty much everyone can relate to in some way. The ending summed it up nicely, and I truly enjoyed the read from beginning to end.
I really like the idea of God Hunt sightings. I hope that part is true. You did a good job with the topic. Thanks for sharing.
I like this.

Yes, sometimes it's the little blessings that matter.
I love the idea of the "God hunt" and you presented good examples of it. Nicely done! Loved reading it.
What a lovely story to address the topic. I have never heard of a God Hunt. I have heard of God sightings, something that a church near us does on their Facebook page.

This is a solid piece and I can see you moving up to Advanced pretty quickly!
Love this! I need to start practicing God Hunts. Congratulations on your 1st place (Intermediate). Way to go :)
I'm assuming this is a true story because of the specific details given about job titles and the sentence about denominational differences. I like knowing that a story is true because it doesn't make me just WISH real life was like the story. In this case though, these details are not necessary to the story. I find myself doing the same thing (unnecessary details) because I'm writing for my family. This is a story that can encourage and inspire many others to join in God Hunts. Good job!
I enjoyed reading your story. Great job using a real life situation to show clearly how we would benefit from seeing more from God’s perspective. It’s so easy to get caught up in daily circumstances and lose sight of the bigger picture. You did a great job with the realistic dialogue between the characters and ended your story well.
Congratulations on your 1st place finish in the Intermediate group this week, Joanney.

I think it is important to remember the blessings God gives us. It must be difficult for the wives since their husbands had to make a lot of business trips.

I had a question about one sentence: "Maybe, Paul being there will help, but I worry about Jim going to the Red Light District." This didn't seem to fit in to the story. Had he been unfaithful in the past? or Was she afraid she would be hurt? I would probably leave that sentence out.

I look forward to read more of your stories.