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Praise the Lord. What a great read. I can relate, albeit in a different way, to the frustration of never wishing death to come, yet being stuck. It's a terrible feeling. I like your style of writing. I could see this as a possible book: How to Find Adventure Without Leaving the House: The humor and tragedy of the stuck life. Could be a winner. I laughed out loud at the humor in this and my heart leapt at the joy of finding His grace and freedom through this...misadventure? Wonderful. Loved it.
Such an excellent introspective piece that held me all the way through the read.

The honest approach and the familiarity of hearing "a care givers" laments is something I've heard a great deal of my career and life, and you wrote of it so well, with a clarifying faith based approach that was refreshing and a joy to read.

Thank you for this,
God Bless you~
This is a lovely message. I'm sure not only did you feel an obligation to your mom, but since dementia often changes people, I bet you miss the mom you remember too. My biggest red ink is about your punctuation. You use quite a few exclamation points. Instead let your words do your exclaiming. You also mix up em dashes and en dashes. I also noticed quite a few colons, when perhaps another form of punctuation might work better. I have a great resource I use regularly for punctuation that would explain it all better than I can:
There's a quiz after each section too to help you decide if you truly understand it. Punctuation is something that can be fixed easily. Your message is great. I love how the ending brings the story full-circle again.
I like the light-hearted manner in telling this story, even though it betrays the mc's pain.
I appreciated your description of emotions, then ending with the hope we have in Jesus. Well done.