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This brought tears to my eyes. Sad, but beautiful.
Well-written. It flowed, had a memorable beginning and ending and was on topic. Good job.
I enjoyed your story although my heart was heavy as I read it. So many lives tragically affected by war. I can imagine that the scar in a broken heart remains forever. Thank you for reminding me of the sacrifices people make for others. Blessings.
Oh my...tears flow as I comment on this lovely poignant and powerfully written entry.

My heart aches for those in this story and for all who have had loved ones lost through tragedies, and through sacrifices so many made.

Thank you for sharing this tender and important entry with us.

A reality for far too many people whose loved ones serve their country.

This was so well written, I think the author will soon be moving up a level.
You did a fine job of writing on topic. You pulled me in right away with the conflict and held my interest to the very end.
Even though I knew what was coming, the tears still came at the talk of the flag over the casket. Well done!
A well written and touching account of the heartbreak so many military families have to go through.
Congrats! I loved your story!

This is beautifully heartbreaking. Brought a tear to my eye. Well done!
I can see why this placed so highly this week. A well written and touching story. Congrats!
Beautifully written!
This was beautifully written and very touching! A well deserved quarterly win. Congratulations!
I am happy this story won the quarterly award, Jenny.

This story reminds me of the sacrifice and courage not only of the soldier, but the family who stands behind him or her.
Beautifully written. Keep writing.