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This is lovely! I think many of us have Margaret's in our lives, but most of us never get to find the resolutions that you did.

Well done! A great illustration of winning.
Great story! I was so afraid that have something awful happen to Margaret before she had the chance to accept Christ. Glad that did not happen!
A fantastic witness and powerful entry.
Thank you for sharing with us.
I love happy endings...
Most of us face struggles like this in our lives; knowing we should do something, yet waiting until the last minute todo it. I think you illustrated this very well and I like that your MC did the right thing in the end.
I found the paragraph indentions a bit distracting. They aren't really wrong, but just not used much anymore.
This is a well-written piece that I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
You've made some great points in this story, and I think many of us can relate to the various thoughts and feelings of the main character. I enjoyed reading this. Keep writing.
Oh, wow. This is such a cool story. I love it. Great job.
This is an excellent story--more like "advanced" than intermediate!
Wow! What an amazing "God" story. It sounds true - I hope that it is. Either way, a really enjoyable read. Good job.
I loved this story. Whether or not it is fiction, it is true. God can do this! God does do this! And you have proclaimed this well.
I held my breath until the end, afraid that Margaret might die or something else might happen before reconciliation could take place. It was frosting on the cake that the kids of these two friends grew up and married. Like someone else mentioned, this entry should be upped to the next level any way you look at it. Great job !!
I like your open-hearted honesty as you take us along with you. I also like how you have listed the number of times God has gently nudged you with a bigger picture than your personal aims and achievements - and then shown the humour of his grace in bringing about an upcoming wedding!!!
Congratulation on winning 1st place in the Beginner/Intermediate category and 7th place overall, Joanney.

I waited on commenting on this well written piece because I believed it might have placed in the top ten.