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This is a wonderful piece of writing-- polished! I think you might just be talking about the experience of every second person who reads this. I also think that you are "under-classing" yourself and really ought to be writing for the "advanced" category. Excellent!
I loved your article. How true it is that we usually see what we are looking for, when we look at life. Thanks so much for sharing.
What an interesting mixture of themes ... hypocrisy, our responsibility to show hospitality and persevere to receive it etc. It held my attention from start to finish and is scarily true to life. Well done.
Excellent work, and reminds me of how important it is to greet people when they first walk in before it is too late.
This is excellent, Lori. One of my favorites this week. I particularly loved the ending with your main character brushing by others as lonely and left out as she was. Powerful!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Very good ending. I think the cross-themes had to do with hospitality as well as this week's challenge called "favoritism". How well we all know how easily "cliques" form within churches, particularly churches with lavish ornate overstated decor. Those churches are usually frequented by the people who paid for them who wouldn't dare attend a church that doesn't look at least half as nice as their homes.