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Great job with the topic in this well written entry.
I really enjoyed it.
Thank you.
Interesting take on the topic. I wonder if God really does speak with some people this way?
A person asked whether God actually does talk to people like that. I can attest that He does. I heard the voice of God audibly when I was 13. I was in a meeting with a hundred other people, and I thought someone was interrupting the speaker and I looked to see who it was. But no one else seemed bothered by it. I even asked the person next to me if they heard what I had heard - and they looked at me strangely. Three times I heard, "Are you saved?" Long story short - after 3 hours of wrestling with myself and convincing myself that I was not insane, I got saved!
Unexpected take on the theme. I like the creative, modern approach. Thoroughly enjoyed the way you utilized language and imagery. Well done.
This is powerful. The story made me think of the angel on one shoulder and devil on other. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition. The beginning dragged a tiny bit for me. One way to fix that would be to sprinkle some of the back story throughout the story. I also would have loved to see some body language or thoughts in italics to break up the dialog just a wee bit more. I also can attest that God does speak to people like this. It's a pretty amazing experience and you've done a great job. This is one of my favorites that I've read this far.
Very creative piece. Nice descriptions. Thank you for sharing.
You show that the battle for our souls is real. Congratulations on your HC and your great writing.