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Good analogy! You might edit more carefully, for I some misspellings and grammar errors. Glad we can always trust in God!
I smiled at the directions you were given, and I could picture the things you said. I like your point about the Holy Spirit at the end. One thing that might help with proofreading is to read it out loud. That can help a person catch things like peace instead of piece that are so easy to miss (I know from experience) otherwise. :)
I had to smile at the directions. Reminds me of growing up and hearing adults give directions like, "Go north until you get to the corner where the old barn burned down three years ago." Those directions would help a stranger about like the directions the first trip helped you on the second trip. Some typos, but great job on the topic and especially the transition to the important point at the end.
I enjoyed your story. I can relate since we often give directions like the old hospital (which looks like an apartment building now) or the hubcab barn, which the wind blew over a bit ago. Your message is a strong one though. You did a nice job of writing on the topic too.
I really enjoyed this whole piece.

Well done,

God Bless~