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This piece was riveting right from the start! It's true: Arm yourself with the Word of God, and stop that slithering snake Satan in his slimy tracks. Read it as often as you can, and you'll memorize it without even realizing it. And you're right: Just flinging a verse out to the universe isn't enough. We must always keep the full armor of God securely on, or we'll get sucker punched from Satan every time. Excellent writing. I see a novel in your future! Peace...
What a believable, insightful piece that reminds us of what we must do to spiritually survive those attacks of lies! Very well done!
At first, I thought this was a video game! Very graphic imaging. Fling ing out Bible verses does not work unless they are anchored into you. Well done!
This piece drew me in and held my attention. It has a strong message which is practical for all of us. I like this piece. Keep writing.
I enjoyed this piece. I often sit at God's feet and listen to His wisdom. This was a great reminder of the way we need to be ready to fight our battles when we are down. Thanks for the great reminder.
Well done,
God Bless~~