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What a good example of the topic! (I almost used thunderstorm too.) I like how you applied it to procrastination, but the words and thoughts of the daughter didn't sound like a teenager. Try to use age appropriate vocabulary for your characters.
Thanks for writing this. Keep it up.
Wow! Wish I could preach that well without preaching! Great dialogue, great message, great flow, great beginning. I think you could have left off the last two lines . . . The point was made.
Your story helps others (um, like me) to rearrange priorities. Loved the dialogue.

My own personal recap: ...sometimes we feel we don’t have enough time to complete something perfectly – so we avoid starting; other times that we need large chunks of uninterrupted time – so we don’t commence... or we launch at the last minute and blame shortage of time.

So helpful. Good work. Thank you.
Excellent job with this!
Loved your message and your style.


God Bless~
Great story! At first, I thought the daughter was a teenager, but her dialog indicated a much older person. Is that what you intended? Perfectly on topic!