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This is an interesting testimony. I'm assuming it's true. I'm glad you found Jesus.
I suggest that choose a title that is taken from something in your story. Also, the topic seemed to be just stuck in the middle with no specific explanation or example.
Thanks for writing this. Keep it up.
Sorry, after reading your story over again, I realize that the title does fit the ending. I change my mind. It is a good title.
This story is on topic, flows smoothly, and is clearly communicating “faith without works is dead.” A suggestion: I think your second paragraph would serve your piece better as the opening paragraph.
This is a powerful testimony. You show how Jesus made a difference in your life. I'd leave off the opening paragraph and instead start with your testimony. You did weave in the topic when you said your friend was all talk. Instead of actually using the topic words, maybe put it in your own words. Show how you wondered why she didn't share her story with you, and then show your epiphany in your own words (Something like: My heart hurt when I realized if she really had a relationship with Jesus, she'd have invited me to church.) Of course that's just a quick example to show you what I mean. Overall, you did a fine job of sharing your story. It touched my heart, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Nicely done.
Great job with the topic and such a powerful moving testimony!

Thanks for sharing.

God bless~
Enjoyed the testimony!