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I often get aggravated while shopping, so I can relate to pieces of this where there is mention of needing patience, getting annoyed, etc. I could picture the shopper throughout the story.
Great expressive piece and certainly nailed the topic beautifully.
Well done!

Thank you...

God bless~
I laughed out loud at your ankle being assaulted by a grocery cart because the same thing happened to me. It wasn't funny at the time but I ended up at the doctor's office with an infection and a significant $$ charge. I loved reading how you faced one obstacle after another but somehow avoided a box falling from a high shelf, hitting you on the head or plunging your cart into a tall pyramid of paper towels. It would be a disaster if we were both in a store at the same time. Great entry!
Yes! Someone else who happy dances in public. You must be my soul mate. I liked the light-hearted tone of this, and I also like that the soup turned out well. Thanks for sharing this.
I loved the antics of the other shoppers, but not nearly as much as the ingredients listed in the verse. Great job.
You have some great descriptions!
Enjoyed the descriptive language. Being a cook, I cringed and laughed at some of the substitutions. Sounds like you enjoy shopping with crowds as much as I do. Great job!
That put a smile on my face. So relatable. Good job!
You did an outstanding job. You grabbed my attention right away. Your sense of humor is delightful, and your ending a surprise. I was sure you were setting me up for a flop of soup. Great take on the topic, and your Bible verse fit the Christian message requirement. Well done.
Really enjoyed this so much.
God bless~
I wondered if maybe this was yours. Congratulations on ranking 4th! Happy Dance! It feels so good to dance for you again! Happy Dance!