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Your message gave me words to use in describing vanity: It's comaring ourselves to others in any way. Aha! The light bulb went on! Thank you! A little more "rhythm" would have made it even more enjoyable.
What if everyone who posted in Challenge entries also commented on/critiqued at least three others? I'm shocked that so many post, and so few read and post a review for others. It seems only a few people have the courtesy to critique but would like the critiques on their own. I am new here, and originally was excited about this site. If you are one who DOES regularly read and comment on others work, then may the Lord bless you mightily and publish you quickly.
Very thought-provoking. It's so hard not to compare ourselves to others (even we don't intend to) in this social media driven world. But you're right--vanity has a big part to play in that temptation.
Great that you attempted what seemed to be a difficult subject, judging by the paucity of entries.
However, once you have the idea of your take on it -- that we should not compare ourselves with others, it would be good to develop the theme. Think of concrete examples of how people compare themselves with others (teenagers imitating their pop idols and not being themselves, people not attempting something because they could never do it as well as so and so, etc.) It's great to get an idea and ask the Lord to show yo how to expand on it.
I truly enjoyed this short piece. You grabbed my attention immediately and held it to the very end. You made some great points. My only suggestion would be to change or omit the line about looking at your shoes. For just a second, I felt excluded because I can't look at your shoes! The message is a strong one though and you nailed the topic. I truly enjoyed this.