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Hmm. Perhaps the boys slept on cots becasue they wanted to honor the ladies and give them the soft beds? There WAS a day when a married woman did NOT work outside her home...she was treated with honor according to GOd's Word that says that husbands are to cherish and give themselves up for the wife as Chrsit gave Himself up for the church. There was a day when men did treat women with greater respect, at least in honorable circles. One of the entries in the contest this week titled SANCTION contains the history of the word 'BOYCOTT'. The word doesn't really refer to boys or girls. It was someone's last name. Also, boycotts DO work when the public wants to cut back finances going to what they consider to be evil entities. Those are my thoughts after reading this.
A spoof a spoof. Didn't any one see the spelling?

boy cot


Written just for the fun of it. Just to be enjoyed.
I didn't know there really were boy cots! Just looked it up. What do you know! The things you learn from Google!