The Official Writing Challenge
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I love your candor!
I've felt that way before--congratulations on getting something written despite your writer's block.
I loved it! Thanks for the giggle.
I am smiling my head off!!! Honest 'confessions of a writer with nothing to write'! God bless
I thought you were writing about me! lmbo. You definitely had me grinning from 'start' to end. Good job!
Nice piece. Topic caught my eye, i relate to the goals i set, and yet to "start!"
You're lucky to get so many words even when you can't make a start. I had to smile at the cleverness of your article. I loved it.
Enjoyed your honesty. Yes, I'm a "sympathetic co-writer" but I'm not commenting from pity. You've touched on something we all experience sooner or later and you've managed to overcome it. Good on ya!
Great piece! Most of us don't have the nerve to do this yet I'm sure there are plenty of us who have felt like it!(Me!)Cool! We'll see how it goes - ought to be interesting! Kudos to ya'!
Indeed, you will return to write another day, hope you already have. Thanks for the smile. :-)Yeggy
Couldn't have said it better myself. - Not Entering This Week
Yeah, but at least you STARTED. How many times have you wished for something to start? A car, an operation, an air conditioner...

You are a courageous writer who has stared a a blank page and waited until sweat popped out of your forehead.

I like your style.

You got started.