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Although confused in the beginning about the colors of the doors, or which door to the stairs or to the elevator...I finally found my way! And so glad I did - it was a great story of a great beginning for Sam! Nicely done!
I agree with the previous comments about the beginning. Once I got into the story I was hooked. It is gripping with a good ending.
At first, I assumed the setting was a hospital and kept reading to discover the character's problem. The revealed setting was a surprise and thought-provoking. Too often we are quick to criticize people who just won't seek help they need. Your story shows how fear of the unknown (i.e. leaving a comfort zone) can overpower desire for change.
Very, very well done. You showed us his emotions so effectively that we were right there with him.
A very tender portrayal of what is, indeed, an illness. I actually liked how you evoked the mc's fear and nervousness at the start and how afraid he was to face it, even though he wants to very much. A little polishing would make this gem a diamond. Lovely, and God bless.
Having been married to an alcoholic, I truly appreciate your glimpse into the mind of one. Change is never as difficult as that first step. Good job.
Nice story. I too had to go back and reread to get things straight in my mind. But once I knew, everything fell into place. Overcoming fear is hard and I'm glad you mc was able to get the door opened!
Wow! At first I was confused why he wasn't goin in door. It drew me in until I was clutching the couch with tension and emotion. I am not an achohic but I have felt those emotions. This story made me backflash to those awful times.
well done! It is true that you will never go anywhere if you don't open those doors
God gives us.No one can open those doors but us!
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