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A well written piece about everyday life! We all fear failure, rejection, and insecurity = but Mick found his peace of mind in the Sanctuary that day...a lovely story.
I really like your well-written story. Interesting and creative with a happy ending.
I like it! Kept me moving on to the next section to see what happened.
Very well done, and a great way to use the theme for this week.
A story that many can identify with. If only we would turn to God when we are afraid, we can save ourselves so much pain. I am glad that Mick found the Way, the Truth and the Light, and eventually back to Lauren. You did well with this story.
The fear of 'failure' can be utterly paralysing - and you have captured so well how the fear to fail in one area of life can soon spread to all others areas of life. Lovely story, God bless.
Fear keeps a lot of us, including me, from starting, and from finishing. Good message, well delivered. Two details: describing the sanctuary as "deathly" quiet bothered me - death and the sanctuary doesn't quite mix in my mind. Also, I think I know what you meant to say in writing that when we trust God we will have peace. I am assuming you were talking about the internal kind, but you could have made that clearer. Christians will have lots of trouble, but they can always have peace in the middle of it.
A good lesson to not let fear stop us from what we should do. Thanks for that reminder :)