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Good rendition of the Biblical account! I love the title; you certainly did your research!
Great take on the story and topic! I felt like we kinda slipped out of the MC's head for a minute when Jesus was talking to the crowd, but otherwise good job!
I love this! Great job; we tend to always think of Romans as the "bad guys", but Marcus had a wonderful, open heart.

Perhaps eliminate the last sentence? Marcus' realization about God is the heart of the piece.

Domine, non sum dignus, ut intres sub tectum meum! Liked it. A nice presentation. But I think you might have preferred to use Christos instead of the latinate Christus - but that's a quibble.
Very well presented, and this flowed very well. I liked the conclusion very much. God Bless.
Good job on this passage! Bringing it to life was great from beginning to end! Enjoyed this!
I finally found it! I think those who can bring these well-known Bible stories to life have a real talent - you've done well. I agree though that the last sentence lessens the overall impact. Overall, a well-written piece. Keep writing!
Very creative take on 'home'! I never would have thought of this Bible story, but it works beautifully! Good job!
ahhhh... I found it! The title threw me, but I'm glad I dove in. Strong retelling of a great story... and a perfect take on Home. You are a gifted author! Thanks!
As a simple peon with no instruction in foreign lingo...I feel inadequate to comment; but I always love a Bible story retold! And this one, (minus the alien words that I do not comprehend)struck me as excellent! Thank you for a beautiful repeat of that particular story of going home.
So I commented on two other entries, each time thinking it was yours ... not that I mind ... but now I have read yours! Well done. I enjoyed this story being retold from the perspective of the centurion ... excellent work.
This has to be one of my fav. Biblical stories. You've dome a great job of bringing it to life for me. Don't stress about the Latin, a reader just has to work a leeetle harder, that's all. Yeggy