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Nicely done! I love how you connect yourself to the dog's behavior to your own and connect it to rebellion with God. Perfect ending! Thanks.
I love this story. You had me from the first line. I only had poodles until recently when I bought Poms. Both breeds are yappers. Oh it can get annoying for sure. The harsh ehhh does work. I found another thing that works is to stand up, look at what they are barking at, and then say, I've got it! That seems to reassure them that I'm in control. (I do throw in an ehh or two too!) Write out numbers to at least ten, but many say a hundred. I think you did a fine job of transitioning from Dog story to God message.You also have a delightful sense of humor. Great job.
I like the connection as how as believers we can be like Sheba who wants to bark. How hard it is sometimes to break out of the habits of the flesh or the world. Thankfully, God is gracious and patience, and He keeps "practicing" with us.
Great job with the topic!

My little Furry boy, Max, who has since passed away 6 months ago, didn't bark a lot. He was a "speaker" --- I loved it!
I miss hearing that...and I miss him.

Loved your message and story.

Well said!