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Where is the "like" button for this piece? Great way to remind all of us to "be still and know that [HE] is God" and that He does in us all that needs doing. We just need to "abide."
Very good! I could totally relate. I loved the part where you compared the wind and a barking dog. Great word picture! :)

You have a wonderful way of creating a setting, so that readers feel like they are right beside you.
There is a fast connection between God's word and the Holy Spirit which we are given at our baptism (See Acts 2:38) When we learn something new in God's word, whether Jesus said it or Paul wrote it, it now becomes the Holy Spirits turn to work within us to urge us to use the strength God gives us to either turn away from some evil or to turn towards some good that God wants developed in our lives.

Keep your chin up to look heavenward where your heart need to be but your eyes down to look into his word.
Wonderfully descriptive word pictures, your heart just seemed to flow onto the page. One criticism: I know it was about the person pouring out their heart to God through tribulation, but it didn't seem to tell a story. There were no other characters.
Congrats on First Place you deserve it. wonderfully written and as others said we were with you and I felt like I have been there myself. Letting it all go and letting the Lord have control is the answer. Well Done
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Intermediate category, Kelly.
I look to reading more of your writing.

Congratulations on your 1st place in the Intermediate division Welcome to the Advanced division.

You've painted vivid pictures in my mind if the beauty in the word.