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A well written and thought provoking entry. Some of the choices of doing a good deed have to be done with prudence.

I live in a state where there are a lot of hitch-hiking. Should I put my family in harms way by picking up a potential threat? Or is it an angel in disguise?

I helped a man once When I was working at a lumber company. He lived in his pick-up. I allowed him to come and build a camper shell on it while staying at my home.

I had a wife and two children at the time. After a week of feeding him and housing him he made some crude and harmful threats to my wife after making some other outrageous statements questioning his mental state.

The Lord protected us, but it certainly pays to be prudent and prayerful about our decisions.

The Lord is gracious and will always help us with those difficult choices.

You opened up some very interesting questions for all to ponder. This would be a good topic to discuss in the forum.

Good job. God bless

I enjoyed the exchange between father and son. It laid out the conflict and drew me right in. I think most people can relate to that.
Then you suddenly switched gears and started preaching. There's nothing wrong with that, but some find it a turn off. Personally, I'd have been more intrigued if you'd kept up the disagreement and add body language, more dialog, and thoughts. The father could quote or retell the parable while the son rolls his eyes or whatever. He could have his thoughts as his father lectures him or vice versa.
You do a nice Jon of sharing your testimony. Your Bible verses reinforce your message. Overall, you did a fine job. I think most can relate about worrying about a loved one.
Powerfully written!
Excellent...good message as well.

A very good example of who we should and should not help. We are better off to help those who may place us in danger by guiding them to places set up to help, not our personal homes.