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Your first paragraph sets the stage and needs a good transition sentence that will join the paragraphs together.

Some Christians may feel they will not be required to stand before the throne of God but how are we going to receive the "well done, thou good and faithful servant" if we don't?

You had an interesting attempt at the topic. I am not sure that it meets the bug topic.

I found that some might find it offensive if we attribute certain characteristics to God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit. I say this with experience as I once was trying to illustrate the powerful nature of the Holy Spirit in combating those in opposition to God's teaching. I used venom in the story to illustrate this and some associated poison as a negative and offensive illustration.

Even if our intentions are good, need to be careful not to offend. Your use of the term "hound" to me associated a dog characteristic. I'm sure you meant the ability of God to know our every action and we can't hide from him. This is my opinion and hope my thoughts are well received.
The Hound is an allusion to "The Hound of Heaven" which is a 182-line poem written by English poet Francis Thompson. The poem became famous and was the source of much of Thompson's posthumous reputation. The poem was first published in Thompson's first volume of poems in 1893. (Wikipedia)

"The name is strange. It startles one at first. It is so bold, so new, so fearless. It does not attract, rather the reverse. But when one reads the poem this strangeness disappears. The meaning is understood. As the hound follows the hare, never ceasing in its running, ever drawing nearer in the chase, with unhurrying and imperturbed pace, so does God follow the fleeing soul by His Divine grace. And though in sin or in human love, away from God it seeks to hide itself, Divine grace follows after, unwearyingly follows ever after, till the soul feels its pressure forcing it to turn to Him alone in that never ending pursuit." J.F.X. O'Conor, S.J.[3]
Great job, congrats!
Congratulations, Caleb, on placing 5th in the Intermediate category this week.

I liked the thoughts shared in this piece.