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This is quite lovely.For the most part, to my tone deaf ear it flowed nicely. Poetry is not my strong suit, so take anything I say with a grain of salt. The first thing I noticed is the title seems to be contradictory. Your poem speaks of the many woes of today's childhood, so would we actually want to go back and relive that angst? Many days my answer would still be yes, yet done with trepidation. In the next stanza, the last line sounds off to me. If they need help to live, it stands to reason they'd need help to thrive. If it works rhythmically , perhaps use something like to live (although you used it once already in this stance,so perhaps to love,) to trust and grow.
Like I said I'm not great with rhythm and rhyme and I know often repetition can be a powerful tool in poetry.
I noticed stanzas 4,7,8 didn't seem to rhyme,(although with some tweaks could be done) but I could also see where that might help drive your point home too.

Despite my critique, I think you did an outstanding job of writing on topic.I thought it quite clever to show that childhood isn't always idyllic. Perhaps a more suitable title might me Childhood; The Juxtaposition(or a corny one ;). You really made me think, and I went in a different way than I would have predicted. These are all signs of a budding artist. Kudos. I look forward to more off your work.
Enjoyed your poem. It had a lot of insights into childhood, whether good or distressing. the (metre) meter seemed to be off on some verses, which put the rhythm off some. The rhyme was hard for me in stanza four and some others. All in all it was very good and I can see some more coming in the future. God bless.