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I enjoyed seeing the honest progression of self evaluation.

I may have missed it, but what was the new role you took on?
I did not specify the role because it would have needed too much explanation as it would mean very little to anyone outside The Salvation Army in the U.K. I am Assistant to the Secretary for Scotland, which involves liaison with the Scottish Parliament and Government over social justice matters, ecumenical relations with the other churches in Scotland on matters of faith, law, safeguarding and social justice and communication within The Salvation Army ensuring that our UK leadership is up to date with Scottish affairs and helping to guide our Scotland-wide drug and alcohol strategy. (And that's the brief description!)
Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Your heart and your convictions will lead you to where God wants you to be. If this keeps feeling like a task, perhaps it was "your" move and not God's. However, you already know that, and have stated it quite well.

I pray God leads you and provides the wisdom and discernment in which will bring you to where you are to be, for His purpose.

All the best,

Thank you for your comments. I didn't choose this role. In The Salvation Army we are appointed and we go. However, a wise officer once told me that whilst there are tasks that we must complete because of our appointment, God will always provide something that will use our special gifts. No doubt in the coming months I shall discover what that is for me in this situation.
I understand your conflict. I used to volunteer at the Tulsa, Oklahoma Salvation Army Drug Rehabilitation Center. The Major in charge there was a wonderful man. He did so much for those needing God in their lives. He served with the Salvation Army for many years. He had a wife and two children. He had to retire because of a nervous breakdown. Sometimes we place the burden of success on the service we do on our shoulders instead of God's. Pray and talk with someone you place confidence in. God wants a willing heart not a burdened one. Trust in his power to direct you. Keep writing and pouring out your heart. Both my boys taught and counseled at the Salvation Army and can testify to the need for workers of the Lord to change lives. Bod bless.
We can all be in great danger in not doing what God wants us to do. There is also great personal danger in trying to do a job God does not want us to do.

There are many rungs on a ladder. Climbing up a ladder is good unless we climb higher than God has granted us abilities. If we are where we are to be, God will grant us the abilities for the work and also the joyful trials we need to gain the experience of growth. (James 1)

Well written article. Keep writing.
I connected with you immediately. From the age of 10, my son was sure God was calling him to be a minister. After 4 grueling years of college, and even more pressure at Duke Divinity, my son received his M Div, but hears God calling him a different way. This has not been easy, especially for me, but you have allowed me to give it to God. He knows his plans. This has been anything but easy, but I believe these exact steps were needed in order for us both to be open to God's plans. The Holy Spirit used your words to quiet my heart. Thank you for your faith and go on sharing. I will lift you in prayers too. God bless you.
Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Intermediate category, Steven.

I am going to pray for God to supply you with the ability to perform these new job duties. It sounds like the position is a huge undertaking, but remember to take care of yourself in the process.

Minor correction:

I had asked for I [a] change ...