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"...a quick , sharp sliver of a word can stab our healthy mind-set rendering us a wounded ..."
So well stated. Our words can make or break a heart.

Just a tiny slather of red ink: Some quotation marks will help in clarifying scripture quotes.

Thank you for pouring goodness into us today. {{{smile}}} Happy writing.
You presented a treasure trove of thoughtful points. It made my mind race to keep up with all the areas of speech we need to keep in check. I will have to read this many times to file away in my resource folder the many good ideas to ignited in my heart. Thanks.
There is a lot of encouragement here!

The lengthy paragraph at the end contains so much that it was difficult to read with any kind of flow--after a while, it was just a list. I wonder if it would be more effective to have fewer items, and to give examples of each.
Yes such wonderful admonitions in the last paragraph, I may make a copy and read it every day is that is OK.
A few suggestions about your punctuation.
The periods need to be inside the quotation marks. Also a coma before the quotation. I am new but have been working to know all this myself.
Great Article.
Well done!
This is enlightening and encouraging. Many blessings to you!