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Excellent! Wonderful story, well written. So timely also. I enjoyed your writing! Blessings!
Very good and not a far-fetched theme. The time will come (soon) when we must decide to stand for what we believe in.
Realistic, and told so well; but also extremely thought provoking. "Then there were the fanatics that always spewed unrelenting hatred in the name of the Lord. These were the ones the media focused on, the ones making headlines...You never saw the norm, the true Christians speaking. You never heard the words of love that were preached in the little churches...No one wrote an article saying, Hate the sin, love the sinner, " Excellent point, so very well made. God bless.
Congratulations on First Place winner! The story is beautiful, and very well written. It makes one think of the very near future...when it will happen, and we must not be afraid! Thank you and a Well Deserved Win!
It is rare that I am moved to tears. Thank you for such a powerful and meaningful piece of writing. I feel so blessed by the wake up call. Congrats on your win.
Congratulations on your win...Wonderful story! But too close to reality for comfort. Makes me want to say Maranatha...Come quickly Lord Jesus!
Excellent article and a definite sign of the future, unfortunately. To live is Christ, to die is gain" is something we will need to remember in those days.
Yes, after reading the second part first, this clears it up perfectly. Wonderful story!