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Excellent work and informative research! God does use every moment, day, and month to his glory!
This is a different take on the topic and has a profound message in it. You did a good job of retelling the story and making the reader stop and think.
This is a unique take on the topic & was very well thought out. I think something was a little off in separating your paragraphs, which hindered the flow a little. Your verse references added a lot to bring everything together. Well done.
Strong writing with varied sentence structures and good use of what I call "salsa" words (interesting word choices).

The links to Scriptures were a bit distracting to me, and I realize that's something that's done by the FaithWriters programming rather than by you. But knowing that it's going to create links, I wonder if it would be more effective to just write your narrative, and include the links as a note at the end of your entry.
You have here a well written commentary of the Passover.

Because of its importance many now celebrate the remembrance of this historic time each Sunday when they are able to eat the body and drink the blood of The Lamb Of God by participating in what some call the communion with the Christ.

Keep your heart in heaven and your eyes in his word.